History of Dibek Coffee_

Coffee beans grained which were beaten by human power in mortar cups at those days conditions, began to made in machines after the Republican Era has started. The Brand “İlyas Gönen” is the tradition and story of renovations of Turkish Coffee which has passed from father to son. The Story of Coffee and Gönen Family started with Grandfather Hüseyin Gönen. Grandfather Hüseyin Gönen started to sell Coffee Addicts, Coffee made by his hand grained coffee beans. Years on and on, he passed his tradition to his son ”Yusuf Gönen”. Years ago Yusuf Gönen get made, deceased “Yaşar Usta” from Marmaris, the first Grain Coffee Mortar Machine. He first used this Coffee Machine in his Shop in Hisarönü Sub-Bazaar which is placed in the famous Kemaralti Bazaar in İzmir. And with this first act, the Coffee Addicts meet with the finest of grained coffee made by his Machine. Yusuf Gönen, who get in charge of his father, has seen the brand “İlyas Gönen Turkish Coffee, passed to him from his father and his grandfather as a precious heritage. And dedicated himself to improve and popularize Turkish Coffee Culture with its phrase “From Grandfather to Grandchild”. Therefore, with wide visions he tried various flavored Turkish Coffee’s and branded its name ”İlyas Gönen”. Firstly he found and registered Mastic Turkish Coffee. A few years ago he get the EXAMINED PATENT for “Mastic Turkish Coffee”.